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National Waste Recycling Consulting

National Waste Recycling Consulting

Truly independent waste consulting services for; Tender Management, Waste Auditing, Contract Management, Invoice reviews, Waste Equipment Advice and Recycling

Tender Management

Tender Management

We offer services to assist in your tender process from general advice to managing the entire process.

Waste Auditing

Waste Auditing

Call us to get auditing on all aspects of waste management from what's in your bin to I'm not sure about my current providers advice.

Contract Management

Contract Management

We can take responsibility of your contract Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), terms and conditions, Invoice reviews and especially ensuring the annual rate reviews are fair and honest



We have partnered with local and international suppliers to be able to recycle many products such as dirty and clean plastic ranging from LDPE/PET/PP/HDPE, Cardboard, Backing label, Stock rolls, tetrapak and much mure

Equipment Consulting

Equipment Consulting

We ensure the right equipment is recommended for the right application.

National Waste Consulting


Our goal is to take clients from problems to solutions, and instil confidence that cost savings and environmental performance targets are reached.


We believe in long term partnerships with our clients with clear set objectives from the start. Our experience, enthusiasm and approach will ensure you have long-standing and beneficial partnerships with your waste provider and National Waste Consulting.

National Waste Consulting


Recycling Services

National Waste Consulting’s vision and passion connects both environmental and financial aspirations together, for today’s businesses.


Our goal is to help bridge the gap between our clients and their potential waste provider. We will represent your interests independently to ensure targeted cost savings as well as improved environmental performance are met.


Our experience comes from working for various waste management companies over many years in an Australian wide capacity and realising there is a need for truly independent waste consulting. 

If you have a need in waste or recycling, then we have the full range of services to suit your requirements. We provider services such as;


  • Tender management

  • Waste auditing

  • Recycling

  • Contract Management

  • Invoice reviews

  • Waste equipment advice

  • General consulting and advice


Contact National Waste Consulting today to discuss your requirements and we will deliver business improvements in areas such as finanical and environmental.

   Local and export markets

   Commodity trading professionals

   Contaminated plastics

   Backing label

   Stock rolls

   Cardboard and paper

   All types of plastic hard & soft   

   Liquid paperboard (tetrapak)   





   Timber and plastic pallets

News & Publications
National Waste Consulting - Tenders Audits Recycling Contract Management

23rd October 2014


John Wright, Principal Consultant of National Waste Consulting decides its time to provide "truly independent" professional waste consulting for clients requiring waste and recycling services. With John's Australia wide experience working for waste management companies, it will ensure all of his clients will benefit from this knowledge and make sure waste companies deliver what they promise.   

Contact Us

0456 29 88 16

PO Box 263

North Richmond

NSW 2754



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22nd April 2015



Sharing th e message. Some strong valid points are raised in this video.

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